Five Hills Farm

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Some Favorite Photo's

I have to have a page for some fun photo's too.  I love to take pictures of our pets, heck I like to take pictures of other peoples pets.  I just like animals.  In addition to the horses and mules, we have 5 llamas, 3 dogs and 2 cats.  Then there's some guineas and chickens too.   I always like to hear from anyone who enjoys pets like I do.  Stay tuned as I like to change pictures around and will post the latest and greatest.

Chester & Jen
Jen was a cute little mini mule we sold to a lady in Texas.

Yeah, I even take pictures of frogs.

Bobby is a manx cat
His job is to catch mice but he prefers resting in bed
Toby Cooling Off

Dancers Pride
Thoroughbred X MoFT

Appaloosa Ponies

Granny Cow the day before her calf was born

Matt and Bunny
Bunny is my favorite llama

Now this is a mess of Llamas, No they aren't mine.
But have you ever stood in the middle of about 40 llamas? It's fun.

Pete the Parrot

I have a very tolerant husband, don't you think?
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We don't consider our mules, horses and ponies a business, it's all pleasure.