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I try to keep the pages up to date but please drop me a line if you would like the most up to date information, or even if you just have some questions or want to talk mule.

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Five Hills Farm

For Sale: SOLD  Brand New, In Box, Never Opened.   Mule Figurine "Hoss" by the fine Montana Silversmiths.  This is one fine mule!  He doesn't eat or poop and would love to be a part of your mule collection.
The real joke is that 2 years ago, I purchased this lovely mule collectible for my husband for Christmas.  Little did I know, he bought me the same, exact present!    It was hysterical Christmas morning to find we had done this and with absolutely no idea of what we had done.  I guess that says a lot about our marriage :)
After the first one was opened, the cat (er Mule) was let out of the bag (er box) and we decided not to open the other one past removing the Christmas wrap.  I've held on to it a couple years trying to decide what to do with it.  I chose not to return it since mule collectibles are so hard to come by but after 2 years, we have decided it can go although I am still a little apprehensive mine will get damaged someday and I'll regret selling this one. 
The photo is the same figurine and I am offering the "new-in-box"  for $150 plus you pay Shipping.  I'd have to have shipping figured for you and the price is 100% non-negotiable.  In fact, just try to find one, this sculpture has already been discontinued.  They were made in limited number and they have serial numbers on the bottom that are handsigned gold colored ink, they are very collectible and will be worth much more as time goes by. 
I have several lovely mule collectibles and you may pry them from my cold, dead hands someday but they are not for sale at any price while I'm alive.   This would also make a nice trophy for a Mule Show and if not sold, may be donated to the Ozark Mountain Mule Days for that purpose so you have, maybe, until fall 2008 to decide if you want to own this bit of mule art.
The base is 11" by 6" and it's 11" tall to the tip of his fine mule ears.  The photo of the bottom of the base with the serial number is "mine" (see photo below). Yours is still in the box ;)

Bo says this is the End!
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