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Harmonee's Pure Perfection

Erin is a registered Missouri FoxTrotter. 


Erin has had some very nice, gaited mules for us and now she is our foundation MFT pony mare.

Erin's Pedigree
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Harmonee's Pure Perfection (AKA Erin) is by Perfection's Black Gold.  Her dam is Blue Moon Harmonee by Shepherd's Allen.  Erin is a lovely sorrel color and she has the sabino gene that frosted her body hair with white and the nice wide blaze and tall stockings.  She also has the gene for a flaxen man and tail.  Erin is a refined mare and while her mule foals were very nice, I am very excited about her MFT Pony foals.  In 2007, Erin foaled our very first registered MFT Pony.  Lil Sister (Harmonee's Lil Perfection) is a black sabino by our own Lil Champagne Tease (Studley).  This is a exceptional pony filly and in 2010 we will be training Sis for driving.

Erin will be bred back to Studley in 2009.  We will not be offering this foal for sale at this time but if you are interested in owning your own, registered MFT Pony, you might consider breeding your mare, 14.2 hands or under, to our stallion.  We can ship semen but require some notice to have an appointment to collect him beginning spring 2009.

Harmonee's Lil Perfection - 1 month old

As a yearling and decked out in MFT attire

Lil Sister (Harmonee's Lil Perfection) is a MFT Pony.  She is black sabino and was foaled 6/25/07. Sis will mature about 12 hands and she does foxtrot at liberty. She was very slow to shed her winter coat then it sunburned quickly so she was not shown in 2008 but watch for this lovely filly at the MFT shows in 2009.  She will also begin training for driving this winter.

Yearling photo of Harmonee's Lil Perfection

If you raise Missouri Foxtrotters and have a 14 hand or under stallion or mare, I would love to hear from you.  If you are raising MFT ponies and would like to become part of the network of breeders working together to create this new breed, please contact me for more information.  I have a Yahoo email group that anyone interested is welcome to join, please see the link on our Home Page to join. 

We don't consider our mules, horses and ponies a business, it's all pleasure.