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TJ & Tessa

TJ is not for sale.

Five Hills Tornado Joe, aka TJ, is out of Gunner's Fancy Yankee and by our first jack, Five Hills Tank.  He was Tank's last foal before he died and very special to us.  TJ is not for sale and will be Chester's mule. 

TJ continues to recover after a month with a trainer to get him started.  Tessa was not as lucky and we will never forget her valiant effort to survive whatever it was they did to her.  I am greatful that TJ was spared what she could not survive.  We are working steadily toward our goal of riding in 2010.  TJ still has some issues that we may never understand but he is slowly returning to his loving, trusting self.  

TJ at one day old

TJ at a day old moving out

Weaning Time for TJ

TJ as a yearling in spring 2007
By the end of his yearling year, TJ was over 15 hands

TJ - Jan 2008 - begining his second year
Note the mare next to TJ is a registered Percheron 17 hands

TJ in Jan 2008

TJ Fall 2008

TJ Fall 2009
What a hunk!

Five Hills Champagne Tessa was my Amber Champagne molly.  See Callie's page for a little more history and photo's.  Tessa's sire was  Tank.  Tessa was foaled in 2005 and was sent for training in 2008 to ride and was returned to us after a month of "training" in such horrible condition that she had to be euthanized  after 3 weeks of struggling to keep her alive/ 

Tessa at almost a month old

Tessa at 3 months old

Tessa as a yearling

Another yearling pic of Tessa

Tessa as a 2 yr old - Summer 2007

Tessa - Summer 2007

Lovely Tessa age 2
May you Rest in Peace Dear Tessa

We don't consider our mules, horses and ponies a business, it's all pleasure.