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Million Dollar Lady

Missouri Foxtrotter Mare


Million Dollar Lady
Lady is a grand old mare, foaled in 1990.   Her pedigree says it, her foals prove it.  I bought her from my uncle who trained her as a 2 year old and raised generations of foals from her that he still has to this day.
UPDATE : Kid was sold and is in training in Mississippi.  Lady was bred back to Coker Dan but we caught her on her last day of the cycle and she didn't settle.  When she came back in, the weather had turned off so hot that I decided it was too dangerous for her to travel more than 2 hours in my 2 horse trailer in 98 degree weather to be bred back to CD.  I opted, instead, to breed her to our own stallion,  Lil Champagne Tease, for a MFT Pony in 2010 so if she settles this time (caught her on the last day again) there will be some very good, old bloodlines infused into the MFTPR.   I'll update when I know if she's in foal.  This foal will mature about 13 hands and will be registered MFTPR.

Kidd, the perfect buckskin shade
SOLD! Thank you!

What the heck!!  Now talk about a shocker when I saw Lady coming down the hill with this cool colt following close behind.  I told her, "Lady, that can't be your baby, you better put him back where you found him before his mamma gets mad", LOL

Well, this colt is the most loudly marked appaloosa you could possibly get crossing a Non-Appaloosa, solid black mare with not a white hair on her to a  heterozygous champagne appaloosa stallion and topping things off properly is the fact that he got this single Champagne color gene that his sire had to share as well all those spots.  Putting this whole package together is that he is so nicely built and has the same angelic temperament that his older brother, Kidd, had.  I am registering this colt as a Walkaloosa, a gaited appaloosa registry.  If he stays under 14 hands he will also be a registered MFT Pony.  He is for sale, private treaty, at weaning.  Talk about a show stopping trail pony or take him to the open gaited show and make them all drool.  He is expected to mature 13 to 14 hands.  

Lady's Colt - Newborn

Lady's colt - 3 days old

Just WOW

Click here to open a new window to the website of Bob and Charlotte Blackwell. They still own Lady's sire, Damn Yankee, and have a lot of great information about the MFT breed and gait. There is also a video of Maggie Ann Browns there, Lady's granddam and dam of Damn Yankee, who was a World Champion in her younger days and still showing how it's done at the 2002 Ava show at age 33.

Lady, showing off her lovely profile

Million Dollar Lady
                                                                      Midnight Mack K III
                                 Mack K's Yankee
                                                                      Sir Shepherd Chigger
Damn Yankee                                              
                                                                      Walker's Merry lad
                                Maggie Ann Browns
                                                                      Merry Rose Lass 
                                                                      Mr. Millionaire
                               Millionaire Kid
                                                                      Midnight Star Dust
Million Dollar Baby Z.
                                                                     Sterling Merryboy
                               Sterling Samantha
                                                                     Zumwalt's Lady

By using the best of the best in MFT's we are creating a new generation of gaited saddle mules.  Please be patient when you're looking for any mule as it takes years of planning and implementing that plan to create the type of mule that we are proud to offer.  We put a lot of heart in to creating these mules and it's not something that can be done overnight.

We don't consider our mules, horses and ponies a business, it's all pleasure.