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Sales and Classifieds

The volume of visitors to my website over the years has been astounding.  I have been so pleased that I felt I should give back a little and have decided to offer free ads for equines.  
If you would like a short ad here, please email the following information to
1 Your contact information including a phone number and /or email address.
2 The breed, age and height
3 Anything else you would like to say about your equine.
Photo's are always a plus but because this site is limited, I would ask that you to add a link to photo album site where you can add all the photo's you want.  If you're not familiar with this sort of thing, don't be shy, ask me for help and I'll be happy to help you out.  Keep your ad short and to the point like the one's below.  I will consider other farm related ads, email and I'll let you know.  Ads may be deleted to make room for newer ads without notice. 

For Sale: Miss Mabelline - weanling molly mule (dam - reg MFT mare) (sire - Mammoth jack). Will mature about 14.2 hands, very stocky, excellent build.  $500 firm.
contact Cathy at

For sale: Tucker - 2 year old John Mule (dam - Fancy) (sire - Bocephus)  Will mature about 15hands. Very Gaited.  Black $1500
contact Cathy at

For Sale: Ladybug - Black Roan Appaloosa Pony.  Weanling filly, will mature about 11 hands.  Homozygous for appaloosa spots, may be homozygous for black as well.  $500 firm
contact Cathy at

For Sale: Miss Independence - Available at weaning the end of February 2009.  Indy was a fall foal.  (dam - grade gaited mare) (sire - mammoth jack)  Indy will mature about 15.2 hands.  $500
contact Cathy at


We have the right to refuse to post any ad for any reason. 

We don't consider our mules, horses and ponies a business, it's all pleasure.