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HF Macarena

A truely rare jewel, HF Macarena


I bred Macarena to our pony stallion, Lil Champagne Tease for an Arabian Pony, due in May 2010.  This will be our first Arabian Pony, return in late May for updates.

Macarena Summer 2008

Layla - Big beautiful blue eyes

In 2010, I had Macarena tested for CA and SCID and she is clear/negative for both.

Layla Sparkles
10 Days old

Macarena tested EE AA, so she is homozygous for the black gene and Homozygous for agouti so she cannot produce a black or a chestnut/sorrel no matter what color stallion she is bred to.  One of her agouti gene's is actually At for seal brown, as evidenced by both of her foals by the black Friesian stallion being seal brown.  Dutch was tested by Michal at Pet DNA of Arizona and he was confirmed to be seal brown.

A seal brown foal will appear bay at birth but will shed to a brown/black, sometimes looking like what is called black bay, to a very black horse with a mealy muzzle and sometimes the flanks are lighter.   Often confused with black or with bay that some call black bay, which is actually just a descriptive term used to denote a horse that has the black mane, tail and legs but the body is also "near black".  

Macarena in foal spring 2008

Macarena's 2010 foal:  Foaled May 18th.  I'm working on a name for her but want to spend a little time to get to know her better.  She is very sweet and inquisitive.  Her conformation is exactly as I had expected.  Her sire has allowed the mares to determine the foals "type" and this filly is no different.  She is a smaller version of her dam and I couldn't be happier.  This filly is expected to mature 13 to 13.3 hands.  

Macarena filly 2010 - Sable Champagne is her color
She had to find some "junk" to pose in front of , lol

Click here to visit the Arabian Horse Association

Layla and Buddy

Macarena's Color Pedigree showing her strains

Macarena Winter 2007

Macarena & Layla

Macarena Filly


Morning view from my front door

Just a few hours old!


Meeting the wild geese family

We don't consider our mules, horses and ponies a business, it's all pleasure.