Five Hills Farm

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What are we doing here?

That's a pretty good question, the answer changes at times but we do have a focus.

I think the short answer might be that we are building better mules but it goes beyond that and if I were to state what our focus is, I would have to say it is the Missouri Foxtrotter.  The breed is truly a breed for all people who love equines and the things we can do with them.  They are so multi-talented and have all the qualities one might want in an equine partner.  There are few breeds that can boast such a broad spectrum of uses from trail horse, driving horse, show horse and family horse to the arena of the stock type horse with the ability to do the speed events, team penning and other cow work.  English type classes also show yet another talent of the MFT.

The versatility of the MFT is not only evident in it's wide area of uses but also in it's ability to produce some awesome crosses and pass on not only the wonderful smooth gait but also a willingness to serve, keen sensibility, surefootedness, adaptability, intelligence and beauty.  The MFT comes in a height range from 14 to 16 hands with some taller and some smaller.   The MFT comes in a color spectrum matched by only a few other breeds and they look good in every color.

What are our goals?

Our goal is pretty simple.  Create the best mules, horses and ponies we can.  I think every one would say that very same thing though and there is that "commercial" ring to that statement.  What I think makes ours different is the personal care I take in choosing every mare and every stallion for several traits, then making the right decisions in repeating those breedings and continuing to progressively improve what we feel is already superior.  In more plain English, remaining very critical in evaluating our foals to always strive to improve. 

What are our Products?

Okay, this one is easy......I produce what "I" want.  I have always been a very goal oriented person (mom calls it picky).  We don't produce that many foals a year and it's more of a passionate hobby than a business.  In the end, if we have the same tastes, you will probably like what we produce.  If not, I am happy to share links to my friends web sites.  I'd rather you be happy and my mules, horses and ponies will be happier too and that makes me happy. 
Our "product" will change from time to time.  At this time my goals still include premium gaited mules from my MFT's but I will from time to time breed one of my mares to a MFT stallion for a filly to keep. 
One of our most recent goals has been the MFT Pony.  This is a new breed registry and being part of the foundation of a new breed has been very exciting and I take it very seriously.  I have done a lot of research into the pony breeds and breeding to successfully reduce height without losing the qualities of the MFT horse.  With a goal for a pony that will be 12 to 14 hands that has the gait and qualities of the MFT, I am working with other breeders to share strategies and work together to promote this new breed. 

So, I've tried to put into a nutshell (and on one page too) what we're trying to do here and our goals.  That was harder than I expected and as my husband might say "don't get her started", lol. 
If this doesn't answer your questions or you would like more details, don't say you weren't warned......................go ahead, email me :)

Please feel free to email with any questions or comments.  You don't have to be a potential customer, we love talking with anyone that has an interest or raises their own mules, horses or ponies.

We don't consider our mules, horses and ponies a business, it's all pleasure.