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I erased this section to start over.  Sheena is a darling 11.2 hand pony stallion.  She is not a registered/pedigreed mare.  Sheena has an interesting background nonetheless.   She came from a herd, unknown to most people other than neighbors here.  The herd was put together from small horses and ponies that were brought into the US from Mexico and Argentina some 60 years ago by a man called "Mr Doty".  He had an affection for appaloosa spotted horses and ponies and he collected about 200 and brought them home to Missouri.  The story is long but if anyone reading this is interested in hearing more, please drop me an email.

Sheena, even without her colorful history, is a darling pony mare.  I often refer to her as my babydoll.  She is 11.2 hands.  After several years of just speculating, I finally sent off hair for color testing in 2010.  She is a few spot appaloosa, that part is obvious.  Every foal she produces will have some sort of apppaloosa spotting.  It was her base color that was baffling.  Her test results are EE Aa N/Z meaning she is Homozygous for black with one agouti gene (bay or brown - those test results are not in yet) and she is also Silver Dapple.   

Sheen has only had foals by our own stallion, Lil Champagne Tease.  They have all been the most colorful, best tempered, intelligent and fun ponies.  I fell so blessed to have such good ponies to share with others.  

In order of birth - Doodle Bop (Classic Champagne Appaloosa colt), Ladybug who is now known as Sally (Black Snowcap filly), Deuce (Classic Champagne/Few Spot Appaloosa) and in 2010 Sheena surprised us once again with a filly, this time a color I had not expected.  Since we are now certain that Sheena is Silver Dapple on bay or brown, this new filly (KitKat) appears to be Brown Silver Dapple/Snowcap Appaloosa!  Never a common foal from these two!  Her brown may have come from her sire since his base color is brown but we figure if Sheena was bay, then surely she would have produced at least one bay foal by now.  We should have our answer soon.

Enjoy the foal photo's below and let us know if you would like more information on upcoming foals.   We have retained Deuce to determine if he is stallion material but he would be available to the right home.  All of the Champagne foals are ICHR registered. 

Okay, this is a little weird.  Other than being a colt rather than a filly.......we got exactly what I was hoping for and more!!!  Deuce is a "Classic Champagne/Few Spot Appaloosa".   At the time this was written, there was not a single horse or pony of his color genetics anywhere.   Deuce is beyond rare, he is One of a Kind in the truest sense.  
We're holding on to this colt for now.  Quality comes before color so we want to evaluate Deuce once he's older to determine if he might be worthy of remaining a stallion.  


Sheena is full of personality. I bought her from a friend when she was a year old.  She was blinded in her left eye when the tornado's went through this area and a stick was blown into her eye.  She doesn't favor that side or spook and has adapted quite well. She has the sweetest attitude and perfectly suited to raising the nicest ponies a child (or a young at heart adult) could every wish for.

Sheena & Studley
The cutest couple around

Doodle Bop is registered with ICHR.  He is (was) for sale.  Ladybug is not registered but is eligible for a couple of spotted registries.  She is every bit as willing to work with us as Doodle was and he was a real hoot.  She's learning more everyday and is a real pocket pony.  She's being taught manners and you can tell just handling her that she's full of love to give and will always give you her best. 

Appears to be another Sheena/Studley 2008 foal???


Sheena is a super little pony mare.  She has all the appaloosa characteristics, mottled skin, striped hooves, white sclera and tons of color.  

What'd you get crossing 2 cute ponies? Doodle Bop!
Doodle at 1 day old, click his pic to go to his first album

Doodle was foaled 5/25/07.  Click on his picture to the left to go to his first photo album and you can click the link below to go to another album with photo's of Doodle.
He's the sweetest pony to handle.   Doodle was 1 month old when he met his first children.  There were 3 little girls, squealing and laughing running out to see this little gem and he never made one step backwards.  Instead, he stood in place and greeted them with the same loving personality he's shown everyone that he's met.  The kids laid across him for hugs and had to touch and love on him and he acted as though he had always been around children.
Here's the link to Doodles second album, he's about a month old here


Ladybug - newborn

Ladybug shedding her foal coat to reveal roaning

Ladybug is such a good filly

Deuce as a Newborn August 2009


Sheena & Studley's 2010 fill, KitKat
Not the best photo's, she's just a day old here

Kit Kat - definite snowcap appy & silver dapple
Possible Seal brown base??

We don't consider our mules, horses and ponies a business, it's all pleasure.